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How Does Equity Factor-In for New Mortgage Borrowers?

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Mortgage chattanooga
The 3,000 year-old Manusmriti, or “Code of Manu,” was one of the earliest traces of mortgage law in the world; the text emphasizes the creation of valid documents, law of mortgages, hypothecation, partnership and joint ventures to such a concise degree that it was used as a basis for Modern Indian law by the British in the 1800s. Although contemporary mortgage lenders and borrowers may not be familiar with the script, such historical documents provided the basis for modern mortgages used today — although to compare mortgages from 3,000 years ago with today’s mortgages probably wouldn’t help those looking for home mortgage lenders!
Tips for New Mortgage-Borrowers
Buying a home is a big step for anyone to take, especially the first-time home buyer. Two of the most important fac

5 Things to Consider When Building a Home

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Building your dream home
When looking into building your own home instead of simply looking for already made homes for sale, a new home builder would prefer you have a plan and an idea of what you are looking into. While, they can help you with the details of the home building process, picking actual custom home plans is something that you may have to do yourself, as you know the needs and wants of your family better than anyone. Here are a few things to take into consideration.

What do I have now that I don’t want? What do I not have, that I want?