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Four Surprising Facts That Might Change Your Mind About Gardening

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Landscape design can have a major impact on not only how your home is perceived by strangers, but how you feel about your land yourself. Looking out at your yard or garden can be either extremely satisfactory, or a little disheartening. Even if your landscape design wasn’t at the top of your priority list, it’s hard not to be a little embarrassed when your grass is yellow instead of green, or when what once was a garden is overrun with weeds. Plus, there’s a lot more to keeping a beautiful landscape than simply planting seeds and trimming hedges. Your landscape is a living, constantly changing thing. And there are plenty of ways that it can benefit you -

Low Mortgage Rates Make This a Good Time to Buy a Home

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Given uncertain economic conditions, many people believe that buying a home is no longer with in their reach. But they could be wrong. With long term home mortgage rates falling as low as 3.31% in 2012, this is actually a good time to buy a home. A reliable firm of direct mortgage lenders can not help you find low interest home loans, they can also help you with other financial services such as refinancing a loan or consolidating debt.

Home buying 101: A good credit score

In general, according to the Home Loan Learning Center, the majority of commercial mortgage lenders will not approve loans for people with a credit score of less than 680. For FHA mortgage loans, a mi