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3 Ways Memory Care Services Can Improve Your Eldery Parent’s Life

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Cost of memory care
Caring for an aging loved one, such as a parent, can be difficult physically, mentally and emotionally. 37% of us over the age of 50 don’t want to believe we’ll ever need care, though reality shows that as many as 70% of us, twice that figure, will in fact require long-term care. This refusal to believe what is inevitable for many stems from a fear of burdening family. One study found that 55% of seniors said their greatest fear regarding aging was being a burden on their family. They even reported being five times more concerned about being a burden than dying.
Memory disorders, like dementia and alzheimers, are especially widespread throughout the senior population and can often require the most care. Alzheimer’s, for example, is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, but is the onl