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Your 2017 Home Furnishing Guide

Written by Family Fun. Posted in Industrial modern furniture, Mid century modern furniture, Rustic furniture

High quality modern decor
Are you one of the 80% of Americans who are unhappy with their home decor?
Or one of the 14% of Americans that feel gloomy and stressed when looking at their home furnishings?
There may be an answer, and it’s been in front of you this entire time.
Home furnishings have an impact on how we feel, how we perceive our home, how much we want to invite over guests. In a study, just 2% of respondents said they had “achieved their ultimate vision for their home.” Then, it is important, to make a home furnishing adjustment.
Quickly, there are five major ways to theme a home: traditional, modern, eclectic, country, and global. Americans skew toward:
  • Traditional (44%)
  • Modern (22%)
  • Eclectic (13%)
  • Country (10%)
  • Global (2%)
Here is a inve