Are You Ready to Clean Out Your Closets, Drawers, and Attic?

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The senior in high school still remembers that the white paint on the shorts came from the first church youth group work trip to MaBank, Texas. In fact, looking at the paint stains in the well worn pair of shorts help her remember the crew she worked with and the never to be repeated opportunity to buy $5 t-shirts from the school store. The green paint? Those stains remind her of the best work crew and the adult crew leader. The leader was a mother of three who only lived 70 miles from that high school senior. And those 70 miles became that senior’s first solo highway drive just so the work camp leader and the soon to be graduating senior could have a chance to catch up on all of those memories from the week she spent wearing those green and white paint stained shorts.
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Donating Your Unused Clothing Provides Help to Many Families?

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Now that school has started and the kids are in class most of the day you just might be able to make it through all of the closets in the house and get things in order again. The first order of business might be going through all of the clothes in the house and taking inventory of what is worn and what is just taking up space. If you really want to give yourself a deadline to motivate yourself, consider calling a local organization that schedules times to pick up clothing donations. Unfortunately, the typical American household discards an estimated 68 pounds of clothing every year. Scheduling a charity to pick up clothing donations will help you make sure your unused clothing goes to