Donating Your Unused Clothing Provides Help to Many Families?

Clothing donations

Now that school has started and the kids are in class most of the day you just might be able to make it through all of the closets in the house and get things in order again. The first order of business might be going through all of the clothes in the house and taking inventory of what is worn and what is just taking up space. If you really want to give yourself a deadline to motivate yourself, consider calling a local organization that schedules times to pick up clothing donations.

Unfortunately, the typical American household discards an estimated 68 pounds of clothing every year. Scheduling a charity to pick up clothing donations will help you make sure your unused clothing goes to a good cause, instead of going to the trash.

Helping families in need is one of the biggest benefits of taking the time to donate your clothing. Many local organizations provide free or low priced options to families who are need of clothing. These organizations depend on the generous donations from families like yours. When was the last time you took the time to clean out your own closet? Are you still hanging on to those dresses that are two size too small? Rather than having these unused clothes take up space in your closet, doesn’t it make sense to give those clothes to a person who could be wearing those dresses?

Clothing that is worn and stained can be donated rather than thrown in the garbage. Donating even your most shabby clothing to a fabric recycling center not only keeps clothing from landfills, it also provides jobs. In fact, the textile recycling industry accounts for an estimated 17,000 jobs throughout the United States. Unfortunately, the recovery rate for used textiles and clothing in 2011 was an estimated 15.3% in America. Scheduling an organization to pick up clothing donations from your home is a step toward increasing that recovery rate.

Donating clothing to charity is a benefit for both the families who receive the clothing for free or at reduced prices, as well as a boost to the textile recycling economy. Your donations form your daughter’s closet can mean that a new kindergartener has a nice outfit to wear on her first ever class field trip. the donations you make from your own wardrobe can mean a nice interview outfit for someone less fortunate than you who is looking for a better paying job. What are you waiting for? Before you know it the kids will be home from school again and you will have made no progress on those overstuffed closets!

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