Assisting Others Through Apparel

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The number of people helping families in need by donating clothing is on the rise! In 2013, individuals gave roughly $2406 billion (70%) to charity, a 4.2% increase from the previous year. 16% of donations in 2013 were given by the education center, and 5% was received from corporate giving. But what are the benefits of giving charitable clothing donations, instead of saving time by throwing out the things you no longer use?
Donating clothes is good for the environment. Almost 5% of total garbage in landfills consists of clothing or household textiles made of fabrics like cotton, polyester, nylon, and rayon. 5% may not seem like that much, but when you consider that 90% of textile waste is perfectly recyclable, you will wonder why more people aren’t sending their lightly used clot

How to Find Meaning in Your Life By Volunteering in Your Community

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The holiday season is busy, hectic time for Americans and their families. During the holiday season, we have feasts and celebrations to give thanks and connect with our loved ones.
In addition to holiday shopping, Americans also spend time making charitable donations and volunteering during the holiday season as a way to spread joy and honor the true spirit of Christmas. During this time of year, families that have loved ones in the armed forces often turn to organizations that help military families for support. As such, the holiday season is chaotic time for charities, which is why volunteering is so important.
Volunteering is the perfect activity for millennials and retirees. It offers millen

Uncle Sam Wants You to Volunteer

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We’ve all heard the saying that giving is better than receiving, yet, how many of us actually believe that?
Whether we believe it or not, science does. In fact, several studies and extensive research has indicated that those who volunteer report higher levels of overall happiness and satisfaction in their lives, in addition to lower blood pressure and stress levels. The act of giving provides volunteers with a sense of fulfillment and purpose, including pride.
Like many Americans, you may be looking for a way to show your appreciation and support for military families and veterans, but do not know where to begin or even how to do so. Though charitable donations such as non-perishable food items, household goods and appliances, and clothing donations are an excellent way to start, you may be yearning