What are the benefits of preschool?

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Millions of kids are enrolled in preschool every year. Parents do tons of research ahead of time to find out what the best preschool is and how it can benefit them in the future. But why is this such an important part of raising a child and why should I consider choosing a preschool?
Preschool is the best way to get your little ones ready for the challenges of grade school. Preschool is not just play time and building blocks it is teaching them vital skills for the next few years in life. By having your little one socializing with other kids they will learn how to share, problem solve, deal with conflict, control their emotions and so much more. When kids are playing together at preschool they are learning how to be kind to one another and show compassion. They create bonding experiences that they may not have at home especially if they are an only child. Preschool can also help parents find friends that have kids around the same age making it a great way to connect and have pla