Two Things To Think About When Donating To Charity

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Support for military families
Christmas is just around the corner, and a fair share of Americans spread some holiday cheer by helping families in need. Charitable donations are more than welcome at this time of year. Here are a few pointers to make donating clothing to charity (and other items, too!) good for you, good for charities, and good for people in need.

Write It Off On Your Taxes

Good news — you can write off clothing donations on your taxes. For that matter, you can write off just about any item that you may donate to local charities. There are a few things to keep in mind, however. “Donations must

How to Find Meaning in Your Life By Volunteering in Your Community

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Disabled veterans donations
The holiday season is busy, hectic time for Americans and their families. During the holiday season, we have feasts and celebrations to give thanks and connect with our loved ones.
In addition to holiday shopping, Americans also spend time making charitable donations and volunteering during the holiday season as a way to spread joy and honor the true spirit of Christmas. During this time of year, families that have loved ones in the armed forces often turn to organizations that help military families for support. As such, the holiday season is chaotic time for charities, which is why volunteering is so important.
Volunteering is the perfect activity for millennials and retirees. It offers millen

Three Reasons Why Clothing Donations Matter

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Clothes donations
Did you know that about 700 homeless people die of hypothermia every year? This fact alone is motivation enough for many people to donate clothes like jackets and sweatshirts, as it certainly exemplifies how important charitable donations are, but you may not know that there are many other benefits of clothing donations as well.
Here are a few reasons why clothing donations matter more than you might realize.
Helps the Environment.
If people get gently used clothing instead of new clothes, then manufacturers will make fewer new clothes, which not only saves the resources necessary to create textiles, but also lessens the environmental im