Five Advantages of Private Schooling

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Today, about 25% of American schools are private, and as of 2016 about 2.63 million students were enrolled at private elementary schools alone. There are a lot of benefits to private school, from more opportunities to go to summer camps to access to the fine arts. Here are just a few that are worth considering:

Student and Parent Involvement

One of the greatest advantages of private schools is better student involvement–meaning peers are a boost to learning rather than a distraction–and better parent involvement. When asked about student apathy, 21% of public school teachers find it a problem in their school. Only 4% of private school teachers are worried about apathy. As for parental involvement, 3% of private school teachers report having a problem getting parents involved. With public school teachers, 24% have issues with getting parents involved.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Private schools offer far more in terms of extras. Students in private schools typ