Chromecast Update Allows You to Use Your TV Remote to Control Certain Programs

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In recent years, a number of companies have begun moving away from traditional television remote controls, allowing users to control their equipment with their smartphones and mobile devices instead. While some people have likely found this to be convenient, many others have found it to be inconvenient; after all, when these devices are used for so many different things, can you really blame a family member when they wander away with the tablet in the middle of a show, leaving you unable to change the channel? Now, one company seems to have adapted their system, allowing customers to use normal TV remote controls.

Since its introduction, one of the biggest issues with Google’s Chromecast is that it could only be controlled with a phone, tablet or laptop. However, the latest firmware update for the s

The Early Days of the TV Remote

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In what is easily the most offensive part of television’s history, the very first television remote control was called “Lazy Bones.” Because if you didn’t already hate yourself for watching five hours of the evening news alone with a TV dinner and your cat, the cherry on top is that your own TV remote controls are judging you.
Nevertheless, people seemed to be okay with the name (for while, at least) and the home invasion of TV remote controls had begun. Previously, remote control technology had only been used for official military purposes in World Wars I and II — so it was a pretty big deal when Zenith Electronics Corporation made this technology available for average people to use in 1950.
The downside to the Lazy Bones was that it a cable connection was required — not the cable