Shoji Screens Perfect for any Room

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Shoji screens
Sliding shoji screens were originally used in homes throughout Asia as room dividers. Fast forward to today, and this unique design is being used all over the world. A Japanese Screen Room Divider can be the perfect design element to make your home look more modern. Japanese builders frequently used cypress and cedar wood to construct Shoji Screens. The earliest Shoji screens date back to the Han Dynasty in China. Chinese folding screens were first invented in China during the 4th century B.C. Traditionally, Shoji screens and Chinese room dividers were built out of bamboo and rice paper. Modern Shoji Screens are available in several different types of material incl

Adding Traditional Shoji Screens to Your Interior Design

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Japanese room divider
Some of the first known Shoji screens can be traced to the Han Dynasty in China, but the tradition continues on with modern Shoji panels and sliding Japanese screens made from a more diverse list of materials. While they can serve a functional purpose as Shoji sliding doors or room dividers, they also offer a distinctive design statement to practically any kind of interior. By doing some preliminary research, you should be able to find the perfect Shoji screens for your home. When starting out your search, many shoppers have success with online bookmarking sites where you can browse through portfolios and collections of design ideas. For example, pinterest can be used