Is Your Child Prone to Tantrums? Why Baby Sign Language Can Soothe Their Anger

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Food for picky toddlers
Are you a new parent of an infant who is dreading the terrible twos and wondering how to deal with toddler screaming tantrums? Surprisingly, the key to cutting down on toddler tantrums may lie in communication: health experts consistently report that part of toddlers’ frustration is their lack of spoken language. They want the cookie but cannot get the cookie because they do not know the word: thence spring the tears and tantrums. What baby experts know about toddlers and communication is that introducing your infants and young toddlers to baby sign language could help minimize their frustration.
More than 100 years ago, a linguist named William Dwight Whitney found that hearing children who were born to Deaf parents were signing simple sentences by the age of six months. Some children do co