5 Reasons Why You Should Design the Luxury Home of Your Dreams

Designer home builders

Now more than ever are Americans contacting custom home builders to create luxury custom home designs buyers have been dreaming about for years. These are the top five reasons why Americans are switching to designer home plans.

1. The Economical Choice

Chances are, you belong to the percentage of the population that always wants to save money. Older homes often need repair, and they do not come with the standard energy-saving amenities available to new homes. An effective geothermal system can use 25-50% less energy than conventional systems while reducing the number of harmful emissions. Innovations in insulators, like those of the spray foam variety, can additionally reduce heating costs by 50% when compared to traditional installations. Even windows have energy-saving options in the form of double-paned wood or vinyl-framed windows, which cut down on energy costs in every season when compared to single-pane windows.

4. A Chance to Build Green

Americans are more conscious than ever of reducing their carbon footprint by going green. Homes that have not been weather stripped can have serious air leaks that account for 30-40% of heating and cooling cost according to Energy Star. Many appliances have eco-friendly components such as convection ovens, which cook food quickly while using less energy than conventional ovens.

3. Customize the Size of Your Home

One of the most frustrating aspects of home shopping is finding the right-sized home for your family. In 2013, 569,000 single-family homes were surveyed: 59,000 of which had two or less bedrooms, and 251,000 had four or more bedrooms. Custom home models can provide a personalized option to suit your family. Contractors generally charge only 15-25% of the total price of the home before they can set to work.

2. The Latest and Greatest Tech

Technology moves at such a fast rate that if you aren’t keeping up, you’re not plugged into society. Smart systems can be installed in a custom home, easily connecting devices to home settings like lights, heating, and even security for complete home control.

1. Make the Home of Your Dreams

The chance to build a home is a dream come true for many Americans. Luxury custom home designs can install stone bathtubs or infinity pools: two of the most popular luxury amenities on the market. Want a custom wine cellar, outdoor kitchen, or vineyard? Why not maintain high standards while cutting down on energy costs with solar panels? Most luxury custom home designs run upwards of 1 million dollars, which many customers are happy to pay for the home of their dreams; are you one of them?

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