Activities and Crafts to Do at Home When Your Bored Children Are Complaining

Being a parent is a blessing, but trying to keep up with your child’s attention span can be exhausting if you don’t know how to handle it. Therefore, you may be looking for some fun and creative crafts to do at home when your bored children are complaining. Use this guide for some of the best crafts to do at home when your bored children need some entertainment and stimulation. These are affordable and enjoyable crafts for the whole family.

Painting Projects

Find some painting crafts to do at home when your bored children want to express themselves. Use any kind of paint, such as acrylic, watercolor, or finger paint. You and the kids can use different types of surfaces like wood, canvas, paper, or even a bare wall that’s not being used somewhere. If you’ve been meaning to create a mural on your property such as in a space in your work shed, that’s a good time to let loose creatively with the kids. The painting project itself doesn’t have to be a piece like the Sistine Chapel, but you can let loose with stick figures, paint splashes, and anything that you and the kids enjoy.

Make your own mini paint storage using recycled materials, such as egg cartons, plastic bottles, or jars. This way, you can keep your paints organized and ready to use whenever inspiration strikes. If painting is something you and the kids plan to do more often, you should take a trip to a local art store and get some more items for proper storage.

If it seems like your children have a knack for painting, you could kick things up a notch by taking an online painting class together. Even if you don’t sign up for a formal class, you can look for some informal lessons on YouTube. You can continue to have more fun by letting your kids do a small drawing and project it onto a surface where you can paint it together. You can buy a cheap projector at your local art store or order one online and Amazon. Who knows, as you begin painting crafts to do at home when your bored children need an outlet, it may turn into something that can become a family hobby.

Pretend Summercamp

Did you go to summer camp when you were a kid? If so, you may have fond memories of bonding with other children, running around in nature, doing different craft activities, and playing various sports. One of the great things about such a time from your childhood is you can recreate it at home with your children. When you’re searching for crafts to do at home when your bored children need something exciting, use your camp days as inspiration.

A Make Believe summer camp at home is easier than you think. Plan to sing songs, play games, tell stories, and make crafts. So if you and the kids have already enjoyed some painting activities, you can further incorporate that into your home summer camp. You may even want to create a quick camping schedule of activities that kids can look forward to. You can get the kids involved and have them write down a bunch of activities and you can pick ones out of a hat.

Your summer camp doesn’t have to be restricted to the confines of your residence. You can take the kids on some field trips to your local park or zoo so they can get further in touch with nature and animals. You could even go to a local children’s museum to see some of the dinosaur bones and exhibits.

Look into some of the best preschools or daycare centers in your area and see what kind of programs they offer. You might get some ideas for your own pretend summer camp that will keep your children engaged and happy.


Do you want your children to learn more about the value of nature or grow their food? A great activity to do at home when your bored children are complaining is gardening. If you have a green thumb that you want to pass on to your children, you can start doing so little by little when they’re bored.

It’s never too young to have your children get in touch with nature. After all, according to Healthline, nature can create a sense of well-being and happiness in anyone. Since children often love to run around outside and experience nature, learning to garden should be fun for them. Teach your children about seedlings and fertilizer. You can also incorporate some knowledge about animals, especially friendly nature like butterflies, squirrels, rabbits, and other creatures that may be lurking in your garden.

Give examples of how the food chain works by showing what some animals or pests in your garden like to eat. You can begin talking about photosynthesis and describe to them how plants need water and sunshine. Don’t worry if you don’t have a massive garden at home. You can start a small garden on your balcony, window sill, or your patio. Many homeowners improvise having a garden by utilizing various pots.

Even if you don’t plant a garden for produce, you can demonstrate gardening activity on flowers. Buy some just because flowers from a local florist or supermarket and arrange them in a vase or a basket. Gardening is a relaxing and rewarding hobby that will brighten up your home and your mood. One activity you can have with your flowers can involve a smell test. Have children close their eyes or use a vine fold to see if they can identify a rose, lavender, gardenias, and other flowers that you teach them about based on scent.

Basket Making

Have you ever tried basket making? If you’re an adult now, you probably did it at some point when you were a child. Basket making is one of the best crafts to do at home when your bored children are looking for a project. One of the great things about making baskets is you can use various materials, particularly those from nature, to do so. Kids can use twigs, grasses, paper, vines, wires, and so on to create the basket of their choice. However, you may want to make things easier by buying some basket-making kits at your local arts and crafts store. Make the activity even more fun by planning gift baskets for your neighbors, friends, or a local charity

Depending on the materials used, the children can kick the baskets up a notch. You can incorporate the painting activity into basket-making by having kids paint their baskets. They can even use the baskets to hold certain plants and flowers from the garden. Or they can use baskets for storage in their rooms to help organize things better.

Invite Friends Over

If you begin running out of things to do, a simple solution is to invite some friends over. When your children are bored, why not arrange a play date with their school friends, small church group, neighbors, or younger family members? From there, you can incorporate more crafts to do at home when your bored kids have company.

Everyone can get together for some board games, karaoke, trivia, or movies. Speaking of movies, there is never a loss of movies to watch between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services. You can have even more fun by picking a movie and everyone can take turns acting out a scene from the film.

Stuff your faces with pizza or make some snacks for everyone to share. It may also be a good time for everyone to go into the garden and pick something to make a snack with or cook a whole meal together with. Inviting friends over is one of the easiest and most enjoyable activities to do at home when your bored children need some social interaction.

Mini Golf

When you’re looking for activities and crafts to do at home when your bored children need to be more active consider mini golf. Mini golf is a game that involves hitting a small ball with a club through a series of obstacles on a miniature course. Create your own mini private golf course in your backyard or driveway using items like cardboard boxes, plastic cups, tin cans, or toys. Creating your own little mini golf obstacle course can be even more fun than visiting a local site nearby.

If mini golf is something you and the kids would like to do frequently, you may want to get some portable artificial turf to use. You may also have a designated space inside where professionals can install a little miniature golf course. So if your children have a playroom, or if you have an entertainment room in your basement, that may be a good area to have a space for that.

Coin Collecting

Coins aren’t just valuable as something to spend right away. There are many valuable coins that people often collect as a hobby. Coins say a lot about history and culture and can be a great point of reference to have interesting discussions with your children. Therefore, coin collecting is one of the best hobbies to do at home when your bored children want to learn something new.

You and the kids can begin collecting coins from different periods and countries. Start your collection by looking through your change jar or wallet. You may also want to check your garage drawers or boxes in your attic. If your kids take an interest in the topic, you may want to start watching antique collector shows together or take a quick trip down to the pawn shop to see if you can buy gold coins.


Baking is a relaxing and fun activity at any age. Most adults have memories of licking the bowl after their mother made a cake, cookies, or pie. Maybe you even helped your mom do some baking growing up, and now you could pass on that same activity to your family.

Baking is one of the best crafts to do at home when your bored children are hungry for something delicious. There is a list of things that you can all bake together, especially with the holidays coming up. Have fun baking cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, muffins, and breads. Give your baking more meaning by baking some gift items to give to neighbors, family, and friends for the holiday season. You can even bake some items for sale during the week.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different recipes and ingredients to suit your taste and dietary preferences. For example, you can make a vegetarian pie using vegetables, cheese, and eggs instead of meat. You can also try making gluten-free items. Have fun making vegan versions of cheesecake. You can even try making low-fat baked items so you could feel less guilty when you eat them.

Adopting a Pet

Pets can bring so much joy to anyone’s home life. Whether you love cats, dogs, gerbils, or pet rabbits, a new fur baby can be a great source of activity and companionship for you and your family. That’s why adopting a pet is one of the best decisions to make at home when your bored children are longing for some love and affection.

There are many animals out there who need a home because they may have been abused or they’re babies born to a large litter and any new placement. Adopt a pet from a local animal shelter or your state rescue association. Invest in crafts to do at home when your bored children want to make their new pet feel more welcome. You can start making cute little fun toys for your cat or dog. Create a special habitat for your pet, such as a koi fish pond for your fish, or create a cat bed.

As you can see, you have several crafts to do at home when your bored children need something to do. Have a makeshift summer camp, learn to paint, have fun baking, and welcome your new adopted pets. These are just some of the things you and the family can do together when you have bored children who need something to do.



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