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It is no secret that millions of people in the United States and abroad suffer from various types of addiction. Were you aware, though, that over 20 million people aged 12 and older–and in the United States alone–are addicted to substances other than tobacco?

Some Recent Data on Addiction

Adults with addictions usually began using illicit drugs, as well as smoking and drinking, before they turned 18. This is true of over 90% of individuals who currently experience one or more addictions.

According to 2014 data, over 130 million people in the United States regularly drink alcohol. While not everyone who consumes alcohol on a regular basis has an addiction, there are 2.6 million people who are, and to illicit drugs as well.

Furthermore, dual-diagnoses are common, as 6.8 million mentally ill individuals are also addicted to other substances. Using these other substances in order to alleviate symptoms is often referred to as self-medicating.

Overdoses and Deaths

in 2011, more than five million people went to the emergency room due to a drug-related issue. In 2014, drug overdoses caused over 47,000 deaths.

The Effects of Driving Under the Influence

While common sense and the law dictates that no one should get behind the wheel of a car when intoxicated or under the influence of other substances, this occurs on a regular basis. In 2011, for example, 9.4 million individuals claimed that they drove while under the influence of an illicit drug. Furthermore, in 2014, 29,230 car accidents resulted in deaths.

Ibogaine Therapy as a Potential Solution

According to the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance, Ibogaine can provide relief from opioid withdrawal symptoms up to 98%. It can also reduce cravings for alcohol as well as stimulants. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that Ibogaine can interrupt substance abuse disorders along with providing other benefits.

Ibogaine has also been found to be useful for treating depression and other psychological issues. In addition, Ibogaine therapy has been found to provide benefits for those suffering with neurological issues.

What is Ibogaine?

In traditional West Africa communities, Ibogaine has been used for centuries for healing purposes and as part of various rituals. Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance found in plants referred to as Iboga.

Ibogaine Addiction Treatment

When used for opiate addiction, Ibogaine therapy can provide significant relief for post-acute withdrawal syndrome. You will want to make sure that the clinic you go to uses a 99.6% pharmaceutical-grade Ibogaine rather than the less-expensive semi-synthetic Ibogaine.

An Ibogaine treatment facility can provide assistance and relief for the following substance addictions:


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