Canes Can Be Fashionable as Well as Functionable

Decorative canes

Though our minds may not age, our bodies inevitably do, and the years of strain and stress can certainly begin to take their toll. This shows in one way in particular: falls. We all have a grandma that’s fallen and broken a hip and we’ve all certainly seen the Life Alert commercials, almost comical in their dramatization of an elderly woman who has famously “fallen and can’t get up.” But falls are a serious problem for the elderly, and a common one. In fact, one in every four adults will fall every single year in the United States alone. And, as half of falls occur in the home environment, it’s a dangerous problem at that.

So how can elderly Americans avoid falling and the costly emergency room visit that often accompanies it (over 2 million Americans end up visiting the emergency room after a fall in a year alone)? A horse head cane can be a stylish mobility tool that can help prevent a fall before it happens and obtain an overall sense of stability. There are numerous cane options for those who don’t want a horse head cane – from folding canes to extra tall canes to wooden canes and brass handle canes.

There’s no shame in using a mobility device. Actually, almost half of Americans over 85 use some type of mobility device, walking sticks included. When it comes to Americans over 65, 10% use a cane, not accounting for other types of mobility devices. The vast majority of those who need a mobility device choose to use a cane, totaling almost 5 million Americans.

And canes don’t need to be any kind of deterrent to personal style and expression. In fact, if you consider a horse head cane, or an elegant wood cane, or a blackthorn walking stick, canes can really be quite fashionable and can enhance personal style instead of detract from it. When you consider the statistics – that nearly every ten seconds, an elderly American is treated in the emergency room for fall-related injuries – canes become more and more important to those who need mobility aids.

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