Choosing Between Post Form and Self Edge Laminate Tops

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As with fashion trends that emerge and disappears, then surging with a comeback, laminate has done just that. Before its resurgence, laminates used to be people’s favorite material in making of countertops and it almost became a household name. But with the introduction of other solid surfaces, laminate became less popular and undesired by many. After years of uncompetitiveness, laminate has experienced its fair share of evolution with a variety of colors and amazing patterns.

In addition, laminate tops styles now come in several finishes to provide unique themes and appearances. From conventional matte and glossy touches to contemporary textures, you can personalize the look of different surfaces in your house. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly surface, laminate countertops are your option. Laminate surfaces can be used for kitchen countertops as well as in different types of bathroom vanities. However, you should know that there are two main types of laminate surfaces. These are self-edge and post form laminates and below are some of their differences.

Post Form
These kinds of countertops are developed by adhering laminate to an edged low-density fibreboard. Rolling over is needed to ensure the surface is uniform and no build up of bubbles. Post form laminate manufacturers pre-laminate countertops in a variety of lengths ranging from 8 feet to 12 feet. The unfinished countertops are then sent to a fabricator, where end caps, holes and final cuts are done.

Some of the advantages of post form laminates include a set on end splashes that can be bond with coved or attached backsplashes. Post form countertops also have fine edges that feature a square edge end caps for a seamless finish. You can choose from a list of 10 different type of edge finishes completing your countertop design. Lastly, post forms are perhaps the cheapest laminate option.

Self edge tops
These are custom made countertops that offer neat surfaces without seams. Using particle board as the substrate, laminate sheets are bonded together with a strong adhesive liquid. The fact that the tops are custom made makes it possible to create unique designs that fit specific configurations as well as clients needs. Unlike post form laminate manufacturers, self-edge countertops angles and curves can be made to perfectly fit any kitchen or bathroom setting. However, the custom-made top will often feature a brown line where edges meet. Another issue with self-edge tops is that are at risk of damage in case moisture penetrates the spaces between countertops and splash. To avoid this, you can use plywood core minimizes bulging of the substrate.

So whether you choose between post form and self-edge laminate countertops, you want to ensure that proper installation is done to ensure its durability. When you opt for a post form, it’s important you consult various post form laminate manufacturers to get a better understanding of your option.

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