Church Steeple Crosses and Antique Pews to Give Your Home a Unique Touch

Second hand church pews

For centuries, churches have been buildings that people tend to flock to when searching for answers or respite. Everyone who has ever stepped foot into a church has their own relationship with the idea of the place. But over the many years that churches have been in existence, there have been multiple changes that have altered the functionality and traditions of the structures and the institutions that they hold. Today, it is not uncommon to see the sale of church steeple crosses or used church pews, either to help the church with its finances, for the interest of a collector, or both.

Steeped in history and tradition

Church steeple crosses are heavy in the symbolism that
they carry, especially for a person who has grown up in the church, or otherwise has strong ties to it. Church steeples are often signs of comfort for many passing by or seeking out sanctuary for one reason or another. So it is understandable why there are those who seek to buy the church steeple crosses that have been replaced high atop the building, or have been brought down for other reasons. Churches often symbolize something solid, strong, and steadfast in a person’s life, and buying items that represent something like that can be incredibly meaningful to a person. Other times, buying items like used church pews or other old church furniture has more to do with a certain style and design preference.

Designing with tradition

There are plenty of people who collect for the sake of collecting, or who have an eye for a certain type of item. When it comes to old church furniture, steeples, or what could otherwise be considered collectible or usable items, there is often a certain charm that comes along with it, making it that much more enticing to add to a collection or incorporate into home decor. For example, antique church pews can often be found in homes as seating for a breakfast nook or other dining area, or sometimes in the entryway, giving household members and guests a chance to sit while removing or putting on footwear.

Though the very early churches did not have pews at all, the long benches now immediately recognizable in any church setting were once absent, giving church goers the chance to stand, walk around, and mingle with each other. The very first pews popped up during the 13th century, when removable stone benches lined the walls of the building. Permanent pews did not show up until the Protestant Reformation. And now, you can find them not only in churches everywhere, but also in homes!

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