Clean Up With the Help of an Experienced Maid Service

There are so many things that take up our time and attention over the course of the day and coming home and having to think about cleaning can be overwhelming. Even the weekends don’t offer respite — there are bills to pay, kids to lug off to extracurriculars, friends to see, and so on. Who has time? In some cases, hiring an experienced maid service might be a great option. Even if you can keep up with the day-to-day clutter, hiring a spring cleaning service or house cleaning services for a real deep dive into the parts of your house that don’t get touched regularly can be really worth it. The cleanliness of our home can affect our health and our emotions, even if we don’t realize it, so keeping up with it is important for a number of reasons.

Why a Clean Home Matters
First and foremost, a clean home promotes better health. Dust and other allergens can easily be trapped in carpets or collect in little dust bunnies that worsen allergies. If you find yourself sneezing a ton but aren’t sick, cast an eye to your home or workplace and see if that might be the root problem. For those in your family who may have asthma, a clean home will help reduce those effects too.

During cold and flu season, a clean home can also minimize the spread of germs, which could reduce the chances of you and your family getting sick. Pests and critters are also more likely to stay away if there’s nothing drawing them to an area, like food or spills.

And a clean home can also have a positive effect on one’s mental health, reducing stress and anxiety.

How an Experienced Maid Service Can Help

There are almost 900,000 maids employed in the United States, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to find a few services in your area. The biggest draw is that they’re a time-saver.

It’s been shown that if a family cleans daily, they get back about thirty days a year — a whole month! — by hiring a cleaning service. That time — over 700 hours a year — can be spent doing other things on your to-do list AND you’ll come home to a clean home at the end of it. It’s a win-win situation.

If you hire an experienced maid service even just once a month, the tasks that often we don’t get to, like cleaning the fridge or washing the windows might get done with more regularity. Your whole house is likely to be cleaner on a regular basis, instead of spot-cleaned rather haphazardly.

Those with kids are also perhaps more likely to entertain the idea of an experienced maid service. Kids are a handful, so there’s less time and energy for cleaning. But if they’re babies or toddlers crawling around the house, you want to make sure that the surfaces they’re putting their hands on are as clean as possible. A maid service can keep your house truly baby and toddler-friendly.

How Do I Find a Dependable Maid Service?

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find an experienced maid service that’s dependable and high-quality. If your friends, relatives, or colleagues work with a maid service they like and trust, ask if they’d be willing to refer the service on to you. Many maid services are happy to take on referrals and build business through word of mouth.

There are also larger maid services that might have an online presence. Check these out for reviews before contacting them and make sure they’re reputable and that customers have been satisfied. Always interview your housekeeper before hiring and make sure that you know who is responsible for purchasing cleaning supplies and that clear boundaries and cleaning expectations are set right up front.

Get back some of your lost time when you look into hiring a maid service, even if it’s not on a regular basis. You’ll come back to a cleaner home without all the stress.

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