Could Amish Furniture be America’s Best-Kept Secret? What Interior Designers Need to Know

Amish dog house

Although many Americans are familiar with the Amish — a peaceful farming order that embraces adult baptism and shuns modern technology — there are still millions of people who may not realize the handcrafted quality of Amish horse barns and Amish sheds for sale.

Have you ever driven down a highway and been passed by a family riding in a horse and buggy? Those are the Amish, a community of about 250,000 that spans several midwestern and northeastern states. Over the past 150 years, the Amish have gained a well-deserved reputation as residential contractors, and Americans may be interested to consider investing in handmade, custom sheds and gazebos from their rural neighbors.

Savvy investors are delighted to discover that every piece of Amish furniture is made by hand. Typically, Amish shed kits are available for home assembly, and in some parts of the country can be ordered for home delivery and assembly by hand. Americans who live in parts of the country with Amish neighbors are familiar with the concept of an Amish “barn-raising,” where dozens of Amish contractors come together to assemble and build a new barn for a farmer. On a smaller scale, Amish furniture is available for delivery to commercial and residential properties.

In general, Amish builders have enjoyed steady sales of their handmade furniture for almost 100 years. In the 1920s, Amish storage shed designs were considered highly collectible “folk art,” but more recently, collectors have elevated Amish furniture to high art. Simple lines, solid construction, and high-quality wood all characterize Amish design, and interior designers across America are beginning to generate renewed excitement about Amish furniture.

Handcrafted furniture takes time, and customers can expect to wait up to four months for delivery of Amish sheds and custom gazebos. We have all seen furniture made from plywood, but Amish furniture makers make use of local hardwoods like oak, hickory, and maple. When investigating “hardscaping” options for outdoor gardens, customers are willing to invest in custom pergolas, cedar sheds, and custom built Amish garages.

Cedar sheds can provide a focal point for any backyard, and experts recommend purchasing a shed that allows room for expansion. Buying cheap garden sheds and garages could present a problem for homeowners who need to create workshops or sleeping areas in their outbuildings. When family and guests come to visit, a lower-quality pool house or converted barn could leak, presenting problems for both guests’ comfort levels and for any hardwired electricity systems.

Any handcrafted Amish furniture should complement existing outdoor structures, and homeowners may find that they want to upgrade their barns, sheds, and garages to match. Homeowners consistently report that they want high-quality furniture that is durable and beautiful, but sometimes finding nice pieces in stores or online can be frustrating. Some Amish furniture relies on traditional methods of joining such as mortise and tenon joints instead of nails, and investors can inquire about the varieties of Amish furniture available.

Cedar sheds that are watertight can be excellent storage units for gardening equipment, woodworking tools, and seasonal decorations. Homeowners may be able to order shelving systems, but experts advise waiting until after the Amish cedar sheds are delivered in order to determine shelving needs. Taking the time to order custom shelves for outbuildings like sheds and some barns could mean higher satisfaction: nobody wants to order a shed that is too small, or shelves that do not meet storage needs.

Amish furniture stores are common in parts of the country that boast a rural Amish population, but customers from other parts of the country can search for Amish furniture online. Taking the time to ask about joining methods, style of furniture, size of outbuildings, and shed plans can help ensure a satisfactory outcome. The Amish do not advertise their furniture themselves, but trusted retailers often contract with Amish craftsmen directly for the creation and delivery of high-quality, collectible furniture pieces.

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