Even if You Have Award-Winning Drinking Water, Filters are a Good Idea

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Several states have competitions every year to try to determine which city or town has the best drinking water. Last year, in New York, Rochester took the title in the 27th annual New York State Drinking Water Taste Test run by the NYS Department of Health.
“It is essential for all New Yorkers to have access to clean and healthy water,” said State Health Commissioner Nirav R. Shah, M.D., M.P.H. “This friendly competition highlights the efforts of communities and their partners who go above and beyond to deliver safe, great tasting water to the taps of millions of homes and businesses throughout the state.”
Of course, that doesn’t only apply to the Empire State, as people all over the country and world are constantly working to improve drinking water quality. But even in the U.S., including some spots in NY, tap water might not be as clean as you might think. Every city has a variety of contaminants that could be found in water, and consuming them might get you sick. So investing in water filtration systems is always a good idea, even if you have the best tasting water in your state.
The Safe Drinking Water Act only regulated 91 contaminants, but more than 60,000 chemicals are used in the United States. Unfortunately, they can all work their way into drinking water sources. While some microbes can cause problems like nausea, fatigue, fever, and dehydration, contaminants like chlorine, which has been linked to breast cancer, can be much more dangerous. So finding the right water filtration systems is smart for homeowners who want to keep themselves and their families safe.
There are several different types of water filters that can be used to make sure all contaminants are removed. While you might find that a countertop filtered water dispenser meets your needs, other homeowners might want faucet-mounted filters that don’t need to be refilled over and over again. And, since 15% of Americans get water from wells and other sources that are not regulated by the government, water filtration systems for entire homes are also popular.
In most places, Americans are lucky enough to not have to worry about getting sick when they take a drink of water. But since there is always a chance that contaminants can sneak through water treatment facilities and get you sick. To make sure every glass of water you pour is clean, healthy, and refreshing, installing water filters is a smart idea. Read this for more: brondell.com

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