Finding the Best Senior Living Option for Mom or Dad

Senior living community

Retirement is a goal that we all should strive for with the average age of retirement being 63. The key to a happy retirement according to retirees is good health and engaging in regular activities. While many see retirement as an opportunity to slow down, others see it as an opportunity to explore without the need to work. Whether speeding up or slowing down, there are a number of retirement homes and communities to suit seniors of all tastes.

Independent Living

Retirement homes situated in independent living communities offer the greatest amount of freedom for seniors. These retirement homes offer an opportunity for seniors to regularly meet and engage in activities while still offering the privacy and independence homeowners enjoy. A 2009 Independent Living Report performed by the Promatura Group, LLC found that seniors that were a part of an independent living retirement community were significantly more likely to make new friends and engage in new experiences. Many independent living communities offer excursions and vacations to their residents to get out and explore the country and even the world in some cases.

Assisted Living

Assisted living services offer the best mix of independence and care for seniors that are unable to perform daily tasks on their own without aid. Around four out of every 10 assisted living residents received some form of assistance with three or more activities of daily living including bathing and dressing. Many assisted lifestyle residents receive 24-hour supervision should help be needed, regular meals and snacks in a group dining room, and a number of services that strive to improve the quality of life for residents including health care services, medication management, laundry service, and regular activities. The goal behind assisted living is to provide residents with care when they need it without getting in the way of their independence: families and residents agree that assisted living combines the best of both worlds for those seniors that struggle to perform daily tasks.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are best for those patients with serious illnesses that make even the most simple of tasks difficult if not impossible to perform. Patients that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other mental illnesses are ideal candidates for nursing homes that offer professional medical supervision at all hours. Nursing homes help to increase the patient’s overall comfort and provide the highest quality of life they can for each patient’s unique circumstance. For those seniors in need of long-term medical care, finding a licensed nursing home is going to be the best way to ensure their safety, health, and comfort.

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