Four Reasons to Keep your Landscaping Company through the Winter

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As the temperatures drop and your beautiful green garden is covered in snow, many homeowners cancel or put a temporary hold on their landscaping services. After all, what do you need landscaping companies for in the winter months? There are actually many useful reasons to keep your landscaping company on throughout the winter months.

To handle the snowfall

Many landscaping companies shift to a snow removal service in the winter months. There is no more grass to cut, so in order to keep their customers, they offer them snow removal. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, having a dedicated snow removal service can be very beneficial. You no longer have to worry about layering up and hurting your back to remove snow in the morning. You can easily come and go, without worrying about your car getting stuck. Also, because landscaping companies come on a regular schedule, you don?t have to worry about multiple snowfalls building up and leaving you stuck in your house.

To help with privacy and heat

Many of the same advantages that you get from professional landscaping products in the summer, you can also get in the winter. Placing tall trees and bushes around your house can increase your household privacy, while also decreasing your utility bills. Over the next couple of months, you are likely to see an increase in heat bills. When you plan your landscape design, you can block some of the cold out. When summer rolls back around, these same designs will keep the sun out and reduce your home cooling costs. Tall shade trees block light effectively. In fact, they can reduce your summer bills by as much as 20%.

To get a landscaping discount

When you sign up with an established landscaping company, you are often charged the premium price. The company already has a list of customers and they are unlikely to offer you a discount. However, because many of these customers place a hold on services in the winter months, you can usually get a discount if you keep the services all year long. In fact, some landscaping companies will offer a significant discount if you pay ahead for the entire year of services. They can count on your business and you know that your lawn, whether grass or snow, will always be taken care of. It is a win win situation for everyone.

To prepare your house for sale

Selling during the winter months presents a lot of challenges. There are not as many buyers and it can be more difficult to sell a house when the buyers cannot see the full exterior. With regular landscaping services, however, you know that your snow and ice will always be taken care of. When customers come to view the house, they will get the best version of it, even with it being winter. A properly maintained exterior can sell the house for a higher cost and at a quicker speed. You might even see a positive ROI on your landscaping costs. About 97% of real estate agents recommended landscaping as a top five home improvement recommendation responding that homeowners can usually expect a 215% return on investment.

More homeowners are focusing on the landscaping of their homes. Lawn and garden spending reached a reported $36.1 billion dollars in 2015, according to recently released results of the annual National Gardening Survey, bouncing back from a five year low in 2014. Professional landscaping can take your home?s exterior to the next level, both in the summer and winter months.

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