Give The Gift Of Cashmere To First-Time Mommies

For too long the misconception has been propelled that moms with newborns are supposed to be uncomfortable and cranky—that’s simply not true! The notion that pregnant or first-time moms are supposed to experience nagging discomfort simply is unacceptable, and we’re here to tell you that misconception is no longer! Most moms look for a great new, helpful item after their birth, typically something made of soft, lush fabrics like cashmere that’ll easily support first-time mommies with their basic baby-necessities. Although mothers are strong, powerful beings there are often not perceived as such. Gifting the gift of cashmere is one of the best gifts a mother could possibly receive post-birth—a baby wrap made of cashmere is a divine breastfeeding wrap for moms who cherish quality items for their newborn.

Who Says Motherhood Can’t Be Glamorous?
Typically, a traditional mommy wrap is far from glamorous in every sense of the word—the materials could potentially irritate the baby’s skin and further aggravate any underlying conditions a newborn wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise. Who wants that? Yuck. However, a baby blanket gift is the most cherished of them all—what better way to protect and lovingly cradle your child than in the gift of a baby cashmere set. The concept of motherhood is a cherished moment, a time in life where a life-changing experience occurs—the gift of life. What better way to celebrate the gift that keeps on giving with a cashmere baby wrap to cuddle your newborn bundle of joy? A before or after motherhood look should NOT solely consist of plain, drab clothing—just because you’re a mother doesn’t mean you have to stop being stylish, a baby wrap made of cashmere is the ideal material made for an active lifestyle by mothers with an active lifestyle.

Statistics show the number of mothers in the U.S has significantly increased within the last decade, from an average of 1.86 to 2.07 children in 2016. However, mothers in the workforce have also considerably increased—in 2015, nearly 70% of mothers with children under the age of 18 worked in the labor force in the U.S, while only 46% of two-parent households in the U.S work full-time jobs. For all the labor-intensive hours placed in by mothers, you’d think there would be significant benefits for mothers, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Even with the long hours, mothers can’t receive benefits during their pregnancy in the U.S—a vast difference from other countries that provide full coverage and care for expecting mothers.

5 Must Haves For You Baby’s First Christmas

1. A memorable holiday card. If there’s one thing that’ll make a Christmas holiday ideal, it’s a fabulous Christmas card that includes photos of your baby’s first Christmas. How adorable.

2. You can never go wrong with gifting luxurious items—cashmere is a favorite among most, especially first-time mothers who tend to love the gentle embrace of something soft and warm. What better present to give than a baby wrap made of cashmere?

3. Holiday pajamas are a major must-have for a newborn’s first holiday—nothing is more festive (or cuter) for a holiday surprise.

4. Starting a new favorite tradition is one of the best holiday gifts you could have. Creating a holiday tradition that’s all your own is something that’s truly memorable.

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