How Addiction Can Change a Family

Addiction is a compulsive disorder that is hard to overcome. This can be a difficult time for the family, especially if children are involved. The video above depicts the emotional anguish of addicts and their families.

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Addiction destroys the abuser’s mental and physical health. During this time, the addict’s loved ones may experience conflicting emotions. Possibly, children may grow up without emotional support from parents or siblings.

There can also be trust issues due to the inability of the addict to keep up their promises. This adds extra stress and frustration for the partner. In some cases, it can seriously harm a couple’s relationship. Also, rehab and therapy are expensive, and this usually leaves the family with more debts. It’s generally harder for addicts to find a middle ground during fights. This in turn can create misunderstandings between family members.

Many try to cover up their addiction, but, while things may appear normal at first, they can quickly escalate into a traumatic experience. In some cases, addiction can even cause suicidal thoughts. It is of the utmost importance to seek medical attention early.

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