How To Best Organize Your Craft Space

There are many reasons that people take up crafting, from pure hobby to successful business venture. No matter why you may do it, crafting has become more popular than ever before, particularly among middle aged women, who make up the biggest crafting demographic in the United States. But now in this year more than sixty percent of all households in the United States enjoy crafting, an increase of nearly ten percent since the year of 2010, less than ten years ago. And quilting alone has become immensely popular, with more than twenty million crafters who are dedicated to quilting active in the United States. Crafting has also been shown to be hugely stress relieving, perhaps why it is so popular. In fact, preliminary studies have found that participating in crafting can actually raise the dopamine levels in your brain and that patients with clinical depression who participated in a crafting activity reported greater feelings of happiness and calmness after the activity as opposed to prior to it.

For many people, crafting has become far more than a hobby. With platforms like the site Etsy where they can sell their crafts, crafting has become a full blown business for many with talent all throughout the United States. In fact, Etsy released a survey that noted that more than seventy percent of crafters that sell their goods on the website considered their online store to be an important business, and many of these businesses thrive. It is true, however, that the vast majority – nearly one hundred percent – of these crafting businesses operate out of the crafter’s home. As many people who work from home know, space is often limited. Therefore, the typical crafter cum business person must maximize their crafting and work space as best as they can with the right craft room furniture and craft cupboard storage.

Let’s look at craft cupboard storage, for instance. Unfortunately, craft cupboard storage is not a reality for every crafter due to space limitations. In these situations, a crafter might switch to a hanging craft storage display, which maximizes spaces without contributing to unnecessary clutter. A file bench might be another option, as it combines form and function, or any other multifunctional furniture for small spaces. If you do have a craft cupboard storage, however, you should absolutely utilize it. A craft cupboard storage can become messy just like any other part of your space, and so it is important to create an organizational system for your craft cupboard storage and your craft space as a hole. A desk carousel, for instance, may be ideal for the crafter taking on multiple projects, as it allows the crafter easy access to the various materials they need on hand without adding additional mess or disorganization.

Crafting is more popular than it has ever been before, particularly all across the United States. In fact, for many crafting has become more than just a hobby and has developed into a full blown business, made possible by sites like Etsy. However, many crafters, those who craft for hobby as well as those who craft professionally, are working with a very limited amount of space to actually create their projects in. Therefore, it is important that they know the best ways to maximize their small space, from hanging storage to hobby storage drawers. For those with the option for craft cupboard storage, it is important to keep your craft cupboard storage as organized as the rest of your crafting space for optimal productivity when creating your latest craft.

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