How to Care for Your Holiday Poinsettias From Your Garden Center

You may have an abundance of holiday poinsettias from your local garden center that you aren’t sure what to do with now that the season is over. You can boost your home’s beauty by properly caring for them. After all, according to our sources, American gardeners spend about $47.8 billion on their gardens and lawns, and keeping them alive can save you some cash on replacements. Here are some tips to care for them.

1. Move Them to a Well-Lit Area

Take your poinsettias and move them to a well-protected area with a lot of natural light. For example, you can place them near east-side windows to get lots of UV rays when the sun comes up. Make sure the windows here are carefully sealed to minimize drafts. You also want to keep them away from your home’s heaters, as these can dry out and kill your unfortunate poinsettias.

2. Water When Needed

Like all plants, poinsettias need water to stay healthy and avoid unnecessary dehydration. Water them whenever the soil is dry and mist occasionally to keep the humidity high around the plant. You probably don’t need to mist more than once a day, though that may depend on your home’s humidity. Try to keep the air moisture comfortable to keep your plants strong and healthy.

3. Get Rid of Pests

Do you know why your garden center poinsettias look great in the store but start dying after you take them home? Most people don’t take the time to manage spider mites, a real issue for this plant. You’ll particularly see them in drier indoor environments. Watch for webbing and wash the plant to destroy the webs and the mites. Spray mist more regularly to prevent this problem.

4. Prepare to Repot

As the blooms of your poinsettias start to fade, cut the plant back to about eight inches. Doing so helps it grow new leaves and prepares it for repotting. Once spring comes around, carefully transfer your plant to a larger container. We suggest one that’s one to two inches larger than the original. If you feel uncomfortable with this step, you might want to work with a plant professional.

When you get beautiful poinsettias for the holidays from your favorite garden center, it’s critically important that you do what you can to keep them strong. Doing so can give your plants the support they need to grow strong and healthy. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re unsure where to get help. Our professional team can give you the support to properly care for your plants..

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