How to Choose the Right Bed Frame

Not a lot of focus goes into the decision made when choosing a bed frame. When buying your household furniture, take into consideration that some of the things you purchase are an investment and will require to be used for a long period of time. More importantly, it takes a lot of time to design your home with specific features in mind. The design is also influenced by your furniture selection. If you have a dream bed in mind, it is not just the bed that is important, do a little research about the bed frame. You could decide to choose a mission bed frame or any other frame for that matter but getting the right frame should be your ultimate goal. Here is what you should take into consideration when choosing a frame for your bed.

Size Matters
The first thing that you should take into consideration when choosing a bed frame is the amount of space available. Assuming that there is already an existing bed frame in your bedroom and you are looking to upgrade to a mission bed frame, ask yourself whether the bed-frame in your bedroom was taking up too much space and whether you need to scale upwards or downwards with regards to the size of the replacement frame. If you are just using into a new bedroom and have no idea how much space a new mission bed frame will take, take the actual measurement of the room and use these when buying the frame to compare and approximate on the possible space to be consumed. Approximating the amount of space that your bed will consume can however be a challenge assuming that there is a bedroom furniture set that you want added in the room. You need to know early enough if there is bedroom furniture that is important to you such as a bedroom dresser or wardrobes that you will need to account for later.

How High Should the Frame be
A mission style bedroom set requires a considerable amount of space. When planning your bedroom, don’t hold back on carrying out some of the tasks that you would rather outsource. It is you who need the bedroom space and is probably going to be one of the rooms you spend most hours in for the rest of your life. Taking measurements especially for new homes can seem like a daunting task. In fact, some people would rather go the trial and error way when buying their mission bedroom furniture. However, getting the accurate measurements of the room against your mission bed frame can save you a lot of time and energy in buying replacement bed frames. Depending on your sense of style, you can either opt for a high or lowly placed bed frame. A high bed frame adds some sense of grandeur to the room but it is also important to know that such a frame will make the room appear smaller than it really is. This could lead you to overlook additional bedroom furniture to the room.

Consider Putting the Bed Frame into Other Use
Ideally, a common bed frame serves the function of offering a head rest after a hard day’s work. However, modern designs have emerged where the bed frames have multiple functions depending on the needs of the user. You can actually customize the frame of your bed to have an additional aspect that suits your specific needs. For example, modern designs have incorporated hidden storage areas that are either accessible from the gap underneath the mattress or from the sides where you can store jewelry, books or anything else of value. Additionally, bed frames today are not exempt of technology. There are frames with inbuilt lights, cooling and heating functionalities and media and accessory charging and plugin platforms.

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