How to Help a Child Brush Their Teeth

When a child goes for a dental check-up, the dentist will often check to make sure they have the proper amount of baby teeth and are at the right development checkpoint. The gums and teeth will be checked in detail, so it’s great to make sure you’re properly brushing your child’s teeth and encouraging the importance of childrens dental care!

When brushing their teeth, you want to make sure to use the small little circles to clean along the gums. Encourage the older kids to spit out and rinse Fluoride toothpaste. Tap water is also helpful since it has fluoride in it already.

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If you’re having trouble reaching your child’s teeth bed by the gums, gently lift the lip.

If you noticed any white spots on the teeth, give the dentist’s office a call as this may be an early warning sign of tooth decay. As a child gets older, they may become more independent with his process, which si great! However, it is a good idea to help your child until they are eight years old to ensure that proper oral hygiene is being maintained.

As for snacks, avoiding surgery and sticky snacks or drink is a great idea! A child should also be brought to the dentist twice a year or as problems occur. Childrens dental care is important, so if you need more help with brushing your child’s teeth, give your local dentist a call today!


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