How to Plan a Budget Friendly Outdoor Wedding

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Are you getting married next spring or summer? If you are planning on hosting a large wedding sometime in the next year, now is the time to begin planning. The earlier that you begin your preparations, the less stressed you will feel with the entire process. Weddings can be expensive and they can be a lot of work. Starting your planning now alleviates a lot of that work and you can find ways to cut down on costs. Additionally, many of these tips will help you plan any other event, including birthday parties, retirement events, or even a graduation party.

Choose a venue or tent that will hold everyone
One of the most important characteristics in choosing a wedding or event venue is the size. You will first want to create a guest list and estimate how many of those guests will actually attend. You also have to factor in how many of the guests will bring guests or their entire families. You can limit your event to one guest only and you always have the option of prohibiting children from attending. If you are planning an outdoor event, you will want to rent a tent. If you are hosting an event for which you will need a rental tent, it also makes sense to rent your tables, chair, and linens from the same company.

Use the internet for inspiration and research
The internet can be an extremely useful resource for the wedding or other event planning. On the internet, you can find decoration inspiration, information about the specific table and chair rentals, and even unique accessories for tent decorating. Approximately 93% of brides use the internet to plan their wedding. Using the internet to gather information about potential vendors and decoration ideas can also help you to cut wedding planning costs.

Choose as few vendors as possible
Having too many vendors on your big day can make it difficult to keep track of them all. You will have to submit separate payment and if there are any problems, it can quickly become overwhelming. If possible, going with a company that offers multiple services can be very helpful. For example, when you need the table and chair rentals, go with an all inclusive event rentals company. You might even consider ordering your food supplies and dance floor from the same rentals company.

Work with your event rentals company on decorating
A backyard wedding can be a beautiful event, especially if you use your rentals as a source of decoration. You might not be able to work a wedding planner into your event budget, but a rental planner can offer you much of the same decorating advice. Rental linens are high quality, elegant pieces including tablecloths, table runners, napkins, sashes, and chair covers that contribute substantially to the overall decor of your event. You can create an overall theme by combining varying colors and designs.

Rent a large enough dance floor
Weddings are about celebrating. After dinner, you will want to open up the dance floor and allow the celebrations to begin. However, you need to ensure that you have a large enough dance floor that does not interfere with the table and chair rentals area. You might also have to get creative in creating a dance floor for an outdoor wedding. Fortunately, you can get outdoor dance floor rentals in all sizes and materials. Rent it through the same company that you are using for table and chair rentals. Place it inside of the tent, nearby the entrance and you can use the cool night air as a natural air conditioning.

The spring and summer months bring an increase in weddings. This means that there are many couples currently in the wedding planning phase. If you give yourself enough time to plan, you can design the wedding of your dreams, at a budget that you enjoy. Outdoor weddings are also doable, given sufficient time to properly plan. Take these tips, give yourself plenty of time, and you will have the majority of your wedding planning completed by the time spring has come.

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