How to Prepare Your Home For Your First Family Dog


Getting a dog can be exciting for any potential pet owner. After all, dogs are still America’s number one pet. They’re known for their loyalty, companionship, protective qualities, loads of fun, and ability to be trained for service. To ensure your first family dog is comfortable and adaptable to its environment, here are some key home improvements you should make.


Schedule Time with the Vet

One of the key home improvement updates you need to make as a dog parent is ensuring that they have proper medical care nearby. Veterinarians are animal doctors, who ensure your beloved pup will be as healthy as possible. Whether you’re bringing home a new puppy or an older dog, take them to a veterinarian who can see them regularly. Try to find veterinary clinics with great reviews or even one you can get a referral for. Focus on one you get to in case you have an emergency. Just like humans, your beloved dogs can get into a situation where they need immediate care. If your dog is vomiting or unresponsive, they need emergency vet care. However, in most cases, you would take your dog to the local vet for regular health checkups and shots. As you should check around to find a good doctor for you, don’t make the mistake of using the first vet you come across. See what other pet parents have to say about their veterinary services and get a list of the care they offer.


Fix Your Plumbing

Key home improvements before getting a dog ensure you have a proper flow of clean water coming into your home. After all, you will need to bathe your pup and give them frequent water. If you’re having any issues with your plumbing, now is the time to fix them. Call a local plumber for an inspection and check if you have hard water. After all, hard water is a buildup of chemicals like minerals and calcium deposits. Hard water makes it hard to efficiently clean your skin and home. Therefore, it also won’t be healthy for your dog to deal with. A local plumber can also fix any exposed pipes your dog can get in trouble with. Dogs love to chew on things, crawl into spaces, and get stuck. Make sure your dog doesn’t have any danger by having plumbers fix exposed pipes.


Install Fencing

Calling local fence services is among the key home improvements that can prevent your dog from running off and getting hurt. Build a proper fence around your home so your dog understands boundaries. After all, your dogs need time outside to walk around, run, play with other dogs and kids, or even just sit in the sun on a beautiful day. Some dogs even like to sleep outside, which they can safely do with a protective fence. While your pup will likely return to you, going beyond the boundaries of your home may be a danger to them. Unfortunately, many dogs lose their lives or suffer severe injuries after getting hit by a car. If your dog runs over to the neighbor’s property, it may cause issues, especially if that neighbor doesn’t like animals. They may also have a pet that doesn’t like yours. Keeping a fence can ensure your new animal doesn’t get injured or in a dog fight. You can also protect your home from the same type of invasion.

After all, there may be stray animals lurking around that pose a threat to your dogs. That’s something to be extra cautious of if you have a smaller dog that’s more vulnerable to a large vicious one. Think about ticks and fleas. Even if you keep your lawn clean and treated for these insects. You would have a problem if stray animals with such infestations invaded your dog’s territory.


Plant Some Trees

Key home improvements for your dog may include adding or removing trees. There’s a running joke that shows dogs peeing up against a tree or fire hydrant. While your dog may use your tree as a way to mark their territory, they may also simply enjoy it for shade. Therefore, if you don’t have trees on your property, you may want to add one or two so your dogs enjoy being outside and comfortable. Trees clean the air which produces better air quality and good air is essential for both humans and dogs alike.

However, be aware if you have any trees that may be sick or dying. A sick or dead tree can be weak and fall over. You don’t want a fallen tree to hit you, another human, or your new dog. Call a local tree company to inspect your existing trees and make a decision to remove some if necessary.


Update Your Garage Door

You may not understand the correlation between your garage and your dog, but it matters as your garage is an entry and exit point in your home. When your garage door isn’t properly opening and closing, it can pose a problem for the safety of you and your dog. Your garage door should probably align on its tracks and close securely. If it’s not doing that, it may leave a gap. It can make it easy for a thief to manually raise the garage door, sneak in, and possibly steal your dog. Your dog may also inadvertently escape through your garage if you don’t realize it’s open. That’s why a safe garage is among the key home improvements you should make when you bring home your new canine friend. Call local garage door contractors to check things out.


Schedule Pest Control

Do you want your poor dog scratching themselves to death due to ticks and fleas that won’t leave it alone? That’s what can happen if you don’t schedule an exterminator to get rid of these nasty bloodsucking insects. You can treat your lawn and backyard for ticks likely hiding in those pieces. Otherwise, your dog may be bitten or attacked by ticks regularly. You should also have pest control to look for other dangerous vermin hiding in your grass, such as snakes. Snakes, especially large ones, can attack dogs and hurt them. The type of snakes you may have depends on the area. A small garden snake may be harmless if you live in an area, but a large python-type snake can wrap around a dog and may claim it as a victim.

Exterminators can remove other pests like rodents and cockroaches, known for spreading disease. Remember, you must feed your dog, so you’ll likely leave their food in a bowl sometimes. Unfortunately, rodents and roaches can be just as attracted to your pups’ food as your own. These vermin are also constantly in search of water, and they may use your dog’s water bowl as a source of hydration. You don’t want to worry about your dog drinking or eating contaminated items. Keep your property free from these disease-spreading vermin by ensuring exterminator visits are among the key home improvements, you have scheduled soon.


Install New Floors

Flooring can make a big difference in how comfortable your home is for both you and your dog. If your dog isn’t housetrained, they may have some accidents. That may pose a big problem if you still have carpeting. While carpeting is soft and insulating, it can pose a problem when you have pets, such as dogs and cats that leave pet dander. Plus, if your dog has an accident on the carpet, it’s much harder to clean up than on a hardwood floor. The smell of dog urine, dander, and general buildup of dust and mold can make your carpet become an infestation of germs. According to Good Housekeeping, a carpet can have over 4000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Keep your home sanitized and smelling cleaner by installing a hardwood floor that’s easier to clean. You can further protect that floor with epoxy floor coating. An epoxy floor is smooth, slip-resistant, and simple to clean with a broom and mop. You don’t need to worry about vacuuming or hiring a deep cleaning service to get rid of doggy accidents.


Apply for a Loan

As you prepare for this new addition, you may realize that some key home improvements may cost more than you expected. Luckily, you have funding methods to consider. For example, you can look into applying for personal loans. Your bank likely has a loan office that you can contact or even apply online. However, a bank loan is usually a secured loan that requires some collateral. However, if you want a shorter-term loan, you may look into payday loans. Payday loans provide a cushion until your next payday, as you’ll pay it back within a week or two or a month when your next paycheck comes in. You can quickly get your money as you’ll be approved within a few seconds or hours. Receive your money within a day of approval, and it’s just as easy to pay it back as the lenders do a deposit and withdrawal from the same bank.

However, if you have home equity from a mortgage, you may also take out an equity loan. That equity loan may be a good investment as it’s money you’ve already put into your home. Making these key home improvements can benefit your beloved dog, as well as other people in your house. Therefore, the equity loan may be worth doing, even though your initial inspiration was the arrival of your dog.



Add Water Features

With the arrival of your new pet, you may be inspired to revamp your home design. If you haven’t put work into your outdoor space, what better reason to do so than to have fun with your dog? Patio spaces have become more popular with American homeowners than ever. Having fun or relaxing on your patio can improve your quality of life. It allows you to enjoy nature from the comfort of your home and not have to get into a car to drive to the beach or park if you don’t want to. Enhance your patio or deck with many features, such as a swimming pool and hot tub. You can even add a special doggie pool, especially for your dog. However, don’t be surprised if your pup enjoys swimming in your regular swimming pool. After all, dogs are natural-born swimmers that love being in the water.

Whether your dog uses your regular pool or has a swimming pool, this activity can provide regular exercise for your pet. Hydrotherapy can help work your dog’s cardiovascular system and ease ligament or tendon issues common in certain breeds. Swimming can keep your dog active, even when you’re not taking it on a walk. In other words, adding water features can be just as great for your dog’s lifestyle as it is for your own.


Get More Active

Speaking of lifestyle, having a dog means that it’s easier for you to be more active than ever. After all, your dog should have regular activities such as daily walks. Some breeds should have at least two walks a day. Dogs can run around and play for hours on end before they get tired. If you want a buddy to go walking or jogging with, your dog is likely to be up for it. When you’re ready to go hiking, expect your dog to be just as eager. These are some key healthy living tips that could benefit you and your dog and help you bond further.


As you can see, there are many key home improvements to consider when you bring a new dog to the mix. You want your home to be safe and comfortable for them so that they can adjust to their new environment. Dogs bring so much joy to a pet owner’s life, so it’s your responsibility to make them comfortable as well. Use this guide to ensure your new puppy, adolescent, or older dog can feel comfortable from day one.

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