How You Can Prep For An Emergency

When you think of someone who is considered a “prepper,” what comes to mind? Is it someone with blacked out windows spending hours online scouring forums about government conspiracies? Or is it someone that believes an actual zombie apocalypse is on the horizon? While that may be true for a handful of loons, most preppers are your run of the mill average joes. Most of which are trying to find the best deal on metal barrels.

In truth, we are all preppers to some extent. Some more than others, obviously, but disaster prepping is a mosaic of variety. On one end your experience as a prepper could be a cache of small steel drums loaded with a five-month supply of dried goods. Or it could be a buying in bulk at your local big box retailer. Naturally, we are all hoarders and prepping pack rats. Luckily there are numerous storage options that you can use.

Easy Storage Comes in Many Forms

The key to successful prepping is the right amount of storage. Condensing is a word that is thrown about frequently. If you want to hold non-perishable items like spices you could use small metal tins. This takes care of two things: you are able to save your items and you are able to organize the items for easy access. After which you could store them in larger metal barrels.

Steel barrels are a great way to keep your items organized, as well. About 69% of steel in America is recycled, so it is a safe bet that you will get a great price. For many preppers, steel drums are great for storing various items. For example, plastic barrels can be used for large amounts of dried goods. Often you can find them at a fair price.

Where Can I Find Them?

Gone are the days when people would call you a pariah for having a few containers in your garage. A quick search online will produce a litany of options available. Most of the time you can buy a drum online for less than $100. If you try a military surplus store or a waste treatment facility you can cut down the price drastically. Depending on whether or not it is new or refurbished you can haggle the best price, as well.

So maybe ten 50-gallon metal barrels is overkill. A few wholesale tins are more suited to your needs. Whatever the case you should be able to find any container at an affordable price.

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