It’s Time For Spring Cleaning Could You Use Some New Furniture Replacements This Year?

Commercial rental property furniture

Spring cleaning has landed on your doorstep. It’s time to clear out your closet and give your furniture a critical eye.

No matter what you need, a furniture wholesaler can meet you halfway. The chairs, sofas and tables that pad out your home should support you every day of the week, rather than be kept around out of pure nostalgia. There are better models out there just waiting to be snatched up, particularly this time of year when sales are popping up left and right. This can be commercial patio furniture sets for those long summer nights or a commercial grade sleeper sofa to replace the lumpy, uncomfortable futon you’ve had for years.

Did You Know?

The furniture industry is doing pretty well lately. You won’t have to look far to find a commercial grade sleeper sofa that matches the rest of your decor. According to data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, the furniture industry is comprised of over 87,000 establishments. It employs over 500,000 individuals in manufacturing, marketing and consultation, among others, and consumer spending on bedding is expected to grow exponentially past 2020.

Chairs And Recliners

Do you need another chair to fill up your living room? According to studies provided by Furniture Today, motion chairs (which includes recliners and gliders) accounted for over 8% of furniture sales back in 2009. These are perfect for a long evening in front of the television or for when you need a power nap that doesn’t lose out on precious hours in the day. Make sure to take measurements of your living room so you can fit your new purchase in without making too many adjustments.

Sofas And Couches

Your sofa should be squishy, soft and always comfortable. Sadly, too many households are beholden to sofas that are lumpy and hard. This leaves people frustrated when they should be relaxing, which is nothing to say of moldy furniture that could actually pose a health hazard. Make this spring the season you decided to swap out your old model for a new commercial grade sleeper sofa designed for all times in the day.

Loveseat And Outdoor Furnishings

Last, but not least, there are loveseats and outdoor furnishings to take into consideration. These are unique for their more specific usage and should be looked at carefully before you make a purchase. A loveseat should be the ideal cuddling size for slow evenings, with a commercial sleeper loveseat following in a similar vein to a small sofa. A recent study found American demand for outdoor furniture and grills rising by 4% every year. It’s expected to hit $9 billion by the time 2019 comes around.

Choosing The Right Furniture For Your House

Spring cleaning isn’t just dusting out the corners of your house. It’s making sure it’s always embellished with what it needs to be at its best. The National Retail Federation found furniture sales during back-to-school shopping season will reach an impressive $6 billion over the next few years. If you’re wondering how much better your back could feel with the aid of commercial sleep chair, or just want to boast a nicer patio with polywood furniture, look no further than your local furniture wholesaler. There are plenty of deals cropping up and only so much time to take advantage of them.

Are you ready for spring cleaning season?

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