Keeping Your Items In Storage? 4 Helpful Tips

Dunwoody storage

Full-service storage facilities are great for innovative storage needs. If you are considering personal storage, you should consider doing a little research before hand.

Here are some excellent tips that you should consider, which will help you with all your full-service storage needs.

Rent from a credible on-demand storage company

There are plenty of organizations that offer storage services but don’t do a good job. Make sure to talk to real people who have kept their valuable items stored at the facility in question. If they have nothing but good things to say about the personal storage company, you should be fine. If they reported damaged items, however, or poor customer service and maintenance, you should consider looking elsewhere for your storage needs.

Wrap all your valuable items carefully

Even if you’re working with a credible storage company, your items can still be damaged at any moment. If you do a poor job of stacking your items on top of each other, you could potentially end up dropping and damaging valuable items. Be sure to use high quality industrial plastic wrap to keep your stuff safe and secure.

Label all your boxes

The easiest way to lose track of your items inside a storage facility is by not labeling. If you have dozens of unlabeled boxes stored away, it’s going to be nearly impossible to find one specific item if you ever need it. When you put your things into boxes, be sure to label each box with exactly what is going inside to avoid confusion.

Plan how you pack all your boxes into the storage unit

If you keep all your winter items in the very back of your unit, behind dozens of boxes, you’re going to struggle getting that stuff when you actually need it. Rather than spending hours doing a 30 minute job, be sure to plan out a strategic packing strategy. Whatever you’re going to need in the upcoming weeks should be packed in last and the stuff you probably won’t need for a while should be thrown in first.

As long as you’re working with a credible full-service storage company and are taking it seriously, you should be fine. Plan how you’re going to store all your items and enjoy the open space in your home!

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