Learn the Benefits of Assisted Lving Facilities

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For many Americans, who retire around the age of 63, they may no longer want the burden of home ownership, but they are hardly ready for a nursing home. According to recent studies, nearly seventy percent of Americans over the age of 65 are going to need some type of care facility for a period of time.

While those who are aging may have a fear of going into a assisted living facility, they may be pleasantly surprised by the level of care and activity provided. Many areas offer integrated facilities where residents can go from independent senior apartments to assisted living to nursing home as their needs grow.

Assisted living facilities are primarily for individuals that can still care for themselves, but may need around the clock monitoring, help, or can no longer care for a property or home. For example, elderly individuals that are in good health but have a history of falling may be well suited for this type of care facility. They would still have their independence but there would be immediate help if they were to fall.

Independent living facilities generally offer a wide range of opportunities and activities. Residents may enjoy exercise classes, cooking, yoga, worship services, field trips, and more. Depending on the size of the facility, there may be tennis courts, a swimming pool, or even a walking track.

Many long-term care facilities allow residents to bring their own furniture and even pets. Residents that are still able to legally drive may come and go as they please doing their own shopping and going on their own outings. However, if driving is no longer an option, transportation can be arranged.

In a recent survey, the number one concern elderly individuals reported regarding going into an assisted living facility was the hardship it would put on their children or family. That is why it is important for children and family members to visit the facilities as well and gain a better understanding of the benefits. Many facilities allow married couples to stay together, which may alleviate a great deal of concern and stress when one elderly parent is caring for the other elderly parent.

Family and friends can visit at any time within reason. They are not like hospitals with strict visiting hours. For residents living in independent apartments, guests can be welcomed at all hours. For residents living within a group facility, there may be start and ending hours to the day, but guests do not have to call ahead or arrange a visit.

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