Making a Beautiful Funeral Bouquet

You can make a funeral flower arrangement using beautiful plants and flowers to give the arrangement a soothing look. This remembrance activity lets you contribute to the funeral with something personal and creative. This video gives you a brief step-by-step instructions to making a funeral bouquet.

Start with a soaked floral foam taped onto a shallow floral tray.

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Add the greenery stems onto the foam in each direction.
Pay attention to the length of the stems that will shape the casket spray: use long pieces on the front, medium pieces on the sides, and short pieces on the top and bottom.
Next, start adding flowers, 3 in each side at a time, so that you can keep track of how they are balanced on the spray.
Finally, add the small accent flowers.
As you do the arrangement, cover the gaps with greenery and flowers. Cut the plants for the arrangement the night before the event. Cut on an angle with sharp garden shears.


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