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Living in a large city like Los Angeles is great because of what city life has to offer: walking to restaurants, a visible skyline, and public transportation to name a few. There is a misconception that raising a family can only be done in suburbs and that school districts are the best far away from center city. Many families live in nice, luxury apartments or a condo, and have plenty of space for their children. Since it is the home of Hollywood, and Los Angeles is the only city in North America to host an Olympics twice, it’s not hard to see why people are flocking downtown.

But before packing up and venturing out of the suburbs or moving from another state, consider that the cost of living in Los Angeles is a formidable challenge, as well as the 9,962,789 other citizens who already live there. LA is crowded and only a year ago, it was reported that the city has more than three million housing units already. Buying a downtown condo or finding a luxury apartment that is available might be tricky, but downtown real estate consultants are in plenty and are always willing to help. They can present families with options that vary based on size, functionality, and price.

There are other solutions. Another living situation to consider are live work lofts. These spaces are becoming popular in LA because they afford families living space, as well as a work space. They are often spacious and artists snatch up these lofts quickly for their artistic potential. Expecting to find as much space as a house in the suburbs is unreal but loft living has some of the same space advantages that a home offers.

Although the cost of living in Los Angeles is high, the advantages of living in a big city might just outweigh the dollar signs. It is important to consider all these factors when making a decision to move out of the suburbs and into urban life. Refernce materials.

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  1. I just moved to LA and man is it crowded. I’m not sure if it’s like NYC but it sure seems like it. Plus there are so many tourists wanting to find the next famous person. I’m finding living here kind of annoying, loud and waste of my money.

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