Nearly 80% Of Americans Get Less Than Eight Hours Of Sleep At Night Could Your Mattress Be At Fault?

A good night’s rest is everything.

You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. You have far more energy for social interactions and daily chores. The sore spots in your back are buffed out. When you don’t get enough sleep, however…it can affect everything you do. A lot of Americans today are finding themselves waking up on the wrong side of the bed, heading out into work and hanging out with family while feeling completely out-of-place. When you have a sleeping disorder, these already paltry statistics and side-effects only get worse.

Could a new mattress can change that? Let’s find out.

American Sleeping Habits

It’s time to face the facts. Too many Americans today are walking around on too little sleep. Just like you wouldn’t fill up your gas tank a third of the way every single time, neither would you expect operating on four hours to do anything but spell disaster. Recent sleep statistics have revealed a staggering 80% of Americans getting less than the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Another study found nearly 85% of respondents stating just one extra hour of sleep at night to be incredibly valuable!

Common Sleeping Disorders

A sleeping disorder can turn restful sleep into an art form. Insomnia is easily considered the most well-known sleep disorder, affecting millions of Americans on a regular basis. Its more basic symptoms include struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep. Sleep apnea is another sleep disorder that’s characterized by constant interruptions (or ‘apneas’) that jerk you out of your REM cycle. The National Sleep Foundation Poll conducted earlier this year found 65% of American respondents stating that sleep is a major factor in determining success for the following day.

Sleeping Fun Facts

How much do you know about the science of sleep? There are quite a few interesting things you might have taken for granted every time you lay your head to rest! It’s estimated people spend one-third of their lives asleep. The REM cycle, despite being a natural part of life, is not fully understood by even today’s scientists. There are certain aspects of the brain that still act highly unusual when this deep sleep is achieved, but that just makes it all the more interesting. There’s more than one way to dream, too. A ‘lucid dream’ is a state when the dreamer knows they’re in a dream and are able to influence it according to their specifications.

Frequent Mattress Mistakes

You may be wondering what a Stearns Foster mattress can do to take a bite out of your bad sleeping habits. Turns out a lot of our sleeping woes aren’t just attributed to sleep disorders and stress, but a bad mattress that keeps you tossing and turning. A recent survey saw over 30% of American adults sleeping on a spring mattress at home back in 2017, with another 45% sleeping on a queen-sized bed, specifically. A good rule-of-thumb to follow when looking up a new Sealy mattress or Stearns Foster model is to figure out how long you’ve had your bed. If you’ve slept on it for more than five years…

The Benefits Of A Tempur Mattress

…then it’s time to toss it out! Mattresses, just like that favorite ballpoint pen or computer mouse, will eventually become worn out with too much use. This means a mattress that’s too soggy or uneven to support you correctly, leading to tossing, turning and struggling to fall asleep. A new Stearns Foster mattress comes in not just different sizes, but different degrees of firmness. Perhaps you’ve been aching for a more even mattress that supports you more throughout the night. Maybe a softer mattress that cushions you better will help you finally relax enough to fall asleep.

Sleep is in everything we do. Consider looking up some Stearns Foster mattress reviews and seeing how a simple replacement can open your eyes…no pun intended!

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