Obtain the Look You Want with Contemporary Design

Rustic furniture

Contemporary interiors are what some people see as being cold and plain. The truth is, contemporary interiors that are designed with a few things to keep in mind will actually be very warm and inviting.

Right now, 44% of Americans who were polled said that they thought their home furnishings were what they called “traditional.” Only 22% said they had modern furnishings and 13% decided that the best way to describe their home furnishings was to call them “eclectic.” Many people take years to decorate their homes; they have a budget that will only allow them tho do one room at a time. Even though this might be the case for you, too, it does not mean that you still can’t get the look you have been wanting.

Most people do not get the chance to update the interior of their home very often. Almost half of Americans haven’t updated their furnishings in the last five years and almost 10% of people polled said that they haven’t updated their homes in the last ten. Doing something like redesigning the look of your home is something you might be feeling conservative about. After all, if things go out of style quickly, you might be stuck with a look you no longer want after only a couple of years. However, contemporary interiors do not have to be something to be scared about.

When many people see a home done in contemporary style, they are surprised at just how warm and comfortable it is. Modern furniture and even modern industrial furniture, when arranged with thoughtful consideration for the space and dimensions of the room, can make your home an extremely inviting place to be.

Whether you are using mid-century modern furniture, Warren Platner furniture, or any kind of high quality modern furniture, if you can follow just a few simple design suggestions, you might just be surprised at how well your contemporary design turns out. Using what is called the “rule of threes” for example, can help you achieve a balanced look that is welcoming.

It might seem counterintuitive to suggest that using odd numbers would be a stabilizing visual, consider that they are much more eye catching than even numbers. When it comes to the fundamentals of designing for contemporary interiors, simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture, and clean lines are what matter most. When you focus on space, shape, and color, contemporary interiors turn out to be very sleek and fresh. That is what a contemporary design is all about.

Of the few things mentioned above, arguably the most important thing to consider is the space. More space is always better when designing in a modern style. In a sense, you want the furniture and fixtures in your home to accent the space itself. Many people focus wrongly on the objects being the central figures in the design of a contemporary style. Instead, the main focus should be the lines and the space itself.

The bare space between pieces of furniture, on the walls, and up above in the upper areas where air ducts might be visible are as important as the areas that are filled with furniture and other objects. When you pay attention to the bare space, each object stands out as individual and unique.

If you are getting to the point where you are ready to update your home and redecorate, perhaps you might be ready for a brand new type of design plan and concept. Going for a modern, contemporary design might seem scary at first, but the more you look at it and consider the many different directions you could go in, the more you just might like it.

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