Online Dating How To Make It Safer

Safe online dating sites

Surveys show that 23% of online daters say they have met a spouse or long term relationship through a safe online dating site. Dating websites have grown in popularity, with 59% of all internet users expressing their belief that that “online dating is a good way to meet people.” Among those Americans single and looking for a partner, 38% have utilized online dating sites or mobile dating apps.

But with over 54.25 million singles available and able to tell you anything they want to about themselves, it’s a good idea to ask yourself the question, “Are dating sites safe?” And the answer is a qualified “yes”. They’re perfectly fine for the most part.

What are the most desired characteristics of people you might encounter at safe online dating sites? Statistics reveal that 30% of those revealing a preference cited personality, 23% went with smile and looks, 14% said a sense of humor and 10% found career and education to be most important.

Nice guys finish first with 38% of women, and 42% of males prefer career women. And 71% of singles believe in love at first sight.

Online dating is entrenched as part of our culture now and will likely continue to become more popular. Already, 42% of Americans know someone who looks for potential dates online, and 29% know a person who has found a spouse or other long-term relationship online.

Even when you’re pretty sure you’ve found a wonderful potential partner, consider having a background check performed, just as a precaution. Make sure whomever you choose to do the job has a military, law enforcement or private investigator background. Remember – you’re meeting someone you know nothing about except what that person has told you. People with less than a clean background are not likely to provide details on a dating website. It’s far better to know for sure who you’re dealing with, to avoid any possible problems.

Yes, there are safe online dating sites, but as you probably know there are also plenty of horror stories. So be smart. It’s okay to hope for the best, but do take precautions.

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