Organizing Your Crafting Materials

Craft room furniture ideas

The average american home can be difficult to describe. We’re used to hearing about the white picket fence, fresh cut grass with the dog — the American Dream, but what is inside the average family’s home? That is the more difficult question to unpack.

There is some pertinent information that has been gathered to better understand American homes though. The American home is a place full of items, with the typical U.S. home containing upwards of 300,000 items. With those items comes a lot of cooking, construction, and, most importantly, crafting. Etsy recently surveyed 5,500 of its American sellers and found that not only did 97% of them work from home, but 88% of them were women. Similarly, for those American crafters, it’s estimated that there are over 21 million quilters within U.S. households.

With that many crafters within American households, as well as the number of items that come along with it, it’s easy to imagine how much clutter must come along with that. Yarn, knitting needles, beads, string, dyes, etc.: there is a lot of stuff to be found within the crafting world. While there might be a lot of clutter tied to crafting, there doesn’t have to be. With a little searching, whether for organize it cubes or bookcases online, you can find just the right amount of materials needed to perfectly compartmentalize, separate, and store all of your crafting stuff.

These bookcases online, for all of their various compartments, allow you to explore a range of types of furniture to designate where you want to store your crafting items. While generally held for books, it makes for a clean, stylish area to store your crafting needs. And if you feel that any of these bookcases online do not have enough designated storage areas — in which you can easily separate some items from others — you can look into ordering various “organize it cubes.”

These organizers — whether 12 cube organizers, stackable 9 cube organizers, or simple, singular white cube organizers — give you the opportunity to further enhance the storage capabilities of those bookcases online. These various organizers make it easier to better separate the various items that go into your crafting, ensuring that they don’t become intermixed with other items, making it much easier for you to find just exactly what it is that you need.

Crafting is a wonderful thing, yet it can be a chore if you can’t find the one item that’s required, although you know that it is someone in your home. Using organizational tools will infinitely make your crafting life easier, saving you time and endless headaches.

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