Pajama Styles for All Ages

Womens footed pajama

Pajamas may not come up in conversation often, but they still involve a great deal of strong opinions in people all over the world. Suggest to a woman that normally sleeps in a nightgown that she should go without for a quick example. After all, 74% of Americans wear pajamas to sleep, 8% sleep naked and the rest of Americans wear some other option to bed at night. So, if a person does not have their preference, good sleep may be hard won. Pajamas also offer a certain amount of comfort to those wearing them, with options like footed pajamas for adults bringing back childhood memories of security. These are not the only options, though, there are three categories of pajamas that contain many choices.

  1. Traditional Pajamas: These pajama options are commonly called ?night suits? in Southern regions of Asia as well as South Africa, these are the classic combination of trouser and button down shirt/jacket. Traditionally fashioned with soft material like flannel or silk for some added luxury. Although sold together as a matching set, many people, especially men, separate the pair. This makes them a more versatile option than they would be otherwise.
  2. Modern/Contemporary: Modern adaptations have led to the pajamas that fall under this category, adjusting the traditional concept as sensibilities evolved. These have a wide range of sleeve lengths and pants. The results are sometimes one, two or even three pieces, and can include built in socks, making them footed pajamas mentioned previously. Babies all over the world wear these pajamas, and there are many styles of footed pajamas for adults. Those styles even include a costume variety and many pajama onesies come with attached hoods as well.
  3. Pajama Day Wear: Meander through any American mall and you will likely see at least one girl wearing pants with cartoon characters on them. Technically still pajamas, these are designed to be seen outside the home.

Pajamas are a comfort item in most people?s wardrobe, as well as far more than that. They remind the wearer of childhood, allow for comfortable sleep or simply just feel good to wear. As such, they will likely remain popular for a long time yet.

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