The Advantages of Buying a Modern Home in a Self-Sustaining Community

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Prospective home buyers have much to consider when they look into purchasing a house. From location and amenities to school district and home price, buyers routinely make “must-haves” to include anything they can think of to ensure that they receive the best deal possible. But there’s something else that many home buyers also look at, which is a home’s energy efficiency.

When considering buying a new home, including those that are custom built, heating and cooling costs are at least somewhat important to 86% of buyers. In fact, energy efficiency in appliances is also an issue for those who want modern homes, with 94% of respondents surveyed saying that they want a home with Energy Star-rated appliances. Saving money on energy, heating, and cooling costs is a big deal for homeowners as the price of coal and fossil fuel rises.

One way for home buyers to find a house with modern home design and energy efficiency is to look toward a self-sustaining community. Like other master planned communities, a self-sustaining community will be feature green certified homes with all the modern comforts that homeowners love. Buying a house with a green certification label can add about 9% to its selling value, which is excellent news for home buyers who may have to move in a few years.

Why else are green homes a big deal? By buying a home in a self-sustaining community, home buyers can be more confident in their home’s environmental friendliness. These new homes are often built with sustainable materials. In addition to appliances, they have features like energy efficient windows and lighting. The surroundings of the homes are usually quite “green” as well. In many cases, these homes are built in neighborhoods that give them a park-like setting, so families that like hiking and taking walks can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

If you’re choosing a new home, find out how a modern home in a green community could be right for you and your family. Have more questions? Leave a comment below.

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