The DIY Alternative to Local Tile Installation Services

Before you call expensive contractors to install new tiles in your home, you should consider doing it yourself to save money. While complicated tile jobs might require professional help, a simple replacement of a tile or even switching carpeting for tile can be done on your own if you have the right skills and tools. According to the video “How to Lay and Install Ceramic Tile | The Home Depot” by The Home Depot on YouTube, it’s possible to lay and install tile without the assistance of local tile installation services.

The first step in installing porcelain or ceramic tile on a floor is using chalk to create a layout on the floor to help determine where you’ll place the tiles.

Video Source

Once you create a layout with square, centered tile marks, you can start laying tiles. You’ll want to begin laying tile at the intersection of two center lines to ensure that you don’t end up having oddly shaped tiles at the edges of your flooring. While some people might not care about this issue, others may want perfectly laid tiles even if it’s a DIY project. Working from the center, you’ll want to stop when you can’t lay more full tiles. To get an idea of how to lay tiles, watch how the experts do it.

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