The Top Three Tips to Getting a Full Night of Restful Sleep

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People often wonder about how to get a better night sleep. It may seem difficult since you are by definition not awake to address sleep issues as they come up, but there are a few things you can do to improve your quality of sleep. Here are three tips that may let you sleep a little bit sounder at night:

1. To Become More Inclined to Restful Sleep, Try a Slight Change in Incline

Oftentimes in sleep we assume body positions that would be uncomfortable while we are awake, such as bending or curling up our legs. Since we’re sleeping, we may not fully experience that discomfort at the time, but you can rest assured (no pun intended) that the discomfort will be paid for later on. When we wake up, these uncomfortable positions can leave us with lingering pain for a while. An adjustable bed can solve issues like these. By simply adjusting the foot or the head of the bed to increase the incline, the resting body may be discouraged from curling its legs like that and causing us undue pain later on!

2. Try to Stay Off Your Side

Just as we tend to curl up our legs in sleep, so do many people try to sleep on their side. It may feel more comfortable at the time, but it is actually a very unwise move to make. Sleeping on ones side has a few negative effects, such as cutting off blood flow to parts of the body and hampering ones breathing. Trying to avoid sleeping on ones side can promote good health overall and may lead to a more comfortable sleeping experience.

3. Sleep on a Form Fitting Mattress

One last thing that may influence the quality of ones sleep is the quality of the mattress. The spine has a natural S curve, so a traditional, rigid mattress can leave it unsupported in areas. Ergonomic beds that conform to the shape of the sleeper’s back support the entire spine and may lead to a higher quality of sleep! How will you improve your sleep?

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