The Year of the Drone Wedding Videos From the Sky

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It’s 2016 and you’ve probably heard this from someone at some point, “literally everything has been done already.” They’re not too far off and the Simpsons probably account for about 95% of “everything.”

But it is 2016 and everything hasn’t even been created yet.

Take, for example, weddings. People love to have original, creative, and fun weddings. But beach weddings are played out and even some of the creative ones are not actually creative. But with all this new technology we have and new opportunities, if you dig a little deeper you will be able to come up with an amazing wedding idea.

People always try to find new places to have a wedding or unusual wedding venues, but they aren’t thinking about how to do these things in new and exciting ways. Weddings receptions are almost always the same, but some people — who thought a little more outside the box — were able to come up with new and exciting wedding receptions, making everyone else jealous — which is the goal after all, isn’t it?

Express News reports that in April, a wedding photographer flew drones over weddings and wedding receptions and what came as a result was astounding and original.

“It was so cinematic, like in a movie,” Amy Stark who — along with her fiance Taylor Jolly — was the star of this drone-filmed wedding video. “We thought it would be a special way to capture our special day.”

Now those are some original and cool plans for wedding videos and wedding receptions.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — also known as drones — were only available for the military for years, but now they are cheaper and available to almost anyone. Juniper Research consultant experts project worldwide drone sales to reach $481 million this year, which is an 84% increase from a year ago.

“Over the past decade, wedding videos have become increasingly popular,” Michela Hattabaugh, associate wedding style editor at Brides Magazine, said. “So it’s not surprising that drone footage is now being incorporated into those videos. Drones help you get a really cool take on the day.” Read more blogs like this. Helpful sites.

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