Things to Do at Home with Your Elderly Loved One

If you care for an elderly loved one in your own home, you might be looking for some activities that you can do with them together. Sitting them in front of the TV for hours on end is not too good for them, and it doesn’t give you proper engagement with each other. In this video, you will learn about

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entertainment for the elderly at home, specifically in terms of dementia, but these activities can be a starting point for other elders too.

Keep in mind that some activities are better suited for different people. Consider whether your elder is able to walk or be alone. Keeping your loved one active will improve their quality of life, such as giving them better sleep and peace of mind. One of the best activities is to turn on old music from their past and get them up to dance. Balloon toss is also a great idea, as is getting them to clean furniture with a duster.


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