Three Easy Steps to Setting Up Killer Wedding Photos

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The modern camera was developed to make photography as easy as possible. Most of the time, taking a photo can be as simple as making sure the lens cap is taken off, pointing it at the subject right side up, and pressing the correct button. The criteria for photographing weddings are a little more difficult to fulfill than that. A modern wedding photographer has a lot of different elements they have to keep in mind while they are working, but what is perhaps more important than the hard work that even the best wedding photographers put into taking the photographs is how their subjects present themselves. There are a lot of things that those who are being married must arrange before the modern wedding photographer should even take off his lens cap. Here are three of the most important things a would-be married couple must decide on before the big day:

1. Location, Location, Location!

The first decision to make for any professional wedding photos is the place where the photos are taken. Do you want outdoor photos or indoor photos? Outdoor wedding photos connote nature and life more than indoor photos do. Does an outdoor location like the beach appeal, or does a more tame park sound more to your speed? Then again, indoor locations can hold personal meaning just as well as outdoor locations can. Do you want your wedding photos to be taken inside the church, or in your own home? This is a critical decision to make; what tone do you want to set?

2. Ask Yourself for the Time of Day

Once you’ve chosen a location, the next thing to decide is when the photos should be taken. The effect on the outdoors is clear enough; sunny blue skies have a very different connotation than a sunset, or a sunrise, or even a black sky specked with stars. Even indoor photos are affected by the time of day, however. The building could be a hub of warmth and light in a dark world, or sunlight could be streaming in through the windows. It is important to consider what you want to convey with the time of day, but also do so within reason: nighttime photos are great, but few guests will want to take them at four in the morning!

3. Theme

Finally, the subjects for a modern wedding photographer should be dressed according to a theme. The theme could be as simple as “formal” or as complex as you like. Whatever theme you decide, whether it holds personal meaning or is just meant to look good, make sure it is compatible with the location and time of day. If all these factors work together properly, the modern wedding photographer should have his work cut out for him! What are you planning for your photographs? For more information, read this website.

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