Three Reasons to Consider Investing in US Land for Farming or Ranching

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Those of us inexperienced with farm and ranch life might think it a bit of a detached, niche interest, maybe even just a facet of days gone by. The truth is much the opposite, however, as the sale of ranches and farmland in the U.S. remains as prominent as ever, particularly in the form of luxury cattle ranch sale and the like. In some states farms and ranches make up a good part of the central economy, proving that agricultural real estate is still a very relevant and lucrative venture. The following expands on some of the important facts of farming and ranching in U.S., particularly in Texas and California.

U.S. Ranching and Agriculture

For as much as one might thinking agriculture is sparse or regulated to a few corporations in our modern era, there are just over 2,200,000 farms in the U.S. total. For the size of our country this is a pretty impressive amount and even more evidence to the fact that seeing farms and ranches for sale is hardly just a thing of the past. What?s more, 96.4% of crop-producing U.S. farms are owned by families, not corporations. This evidence proves that American farming and ranching is still an interest of the people, even with those that purchase and maintain something different, like a luxury cattle ranch.

Texas Agriculture

Farming is alive and well in Texas especially, as the impact of agricultural business to the state economy is around an average of $364,000,000,000 annually. As such, it should probably come as no surprise that Texas is leading the nation in the value of farm real estate. Perhaps also unsurprising is the fact the one out of every seven person working in Texas has a job in agriculture. The facts seem to show that Texas is a good, lucrative place to consider investing in land, be it for farm land or a luxury cattle ranch.

California Agriculture

California is known for its generous bounty and rich soil, making it yet another attractive territory for purchasing ranching and growing land. It ranks the highest in U.S. agricultural cash receipts followed by Texas, Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois. California likely owes its lucrative farming success to its exports of almonds, dairy and wine. Despite environmental setbacks, this state continues to lead the nation in the production of 66 crops, including the aforementioned almonds as well as dates, figs, clingstone peaches, sweet rice and walnuts, just to name a few.

The U.S. lends itself to the purchase of successful and lucrative land for farming and ranching and the American people continue to prove that they excel in agriculture.

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